Walyce Almeida’s journalism experience began humbly writing and editing for student newspapers and then moving on to The Miami Herald. There she covered for a whole year all aspects of Florida City, everything from a young athlete becoming an international competitor to corruption within the city council. During that time, she obtained her bachelor’s in journalism and international relations, programs that gave her the opportunity to travel to Latin America and Europe. She also obtained her master’s in multimedia journalism – being among the first class of students to graduate from the new program. During those two years,Walyce produced various web-based multimedia news packages preparing her for the real world.

Upon graduation, Walyce worked to establish a database of sources within The Miami Herald which launched with much success and earned her an invitation to join the New York Public Radio family to replicate the same achievement. At NYPR, she worked on integrating community outreach and the use of social media in order to contribute to the newsroom with story ideas, sources, and insights. When NYPR began a new project around education, Walyce naturally transitioned to a position where she developed the social media voice for and built a relationship with community members invested in education.

In all her experiences, Walyce has stepped up to take on a leadership role and would delve in each assignment or project with passion, a collaborative, and innovative spirit. Her familiarity of digital technology and understanding of the news process allowed her to make a judgement on what tools worked best and for which purposes. Her interpersonal and language skills easily connected her to diverse and minority communities as well as decision-makers and influencers within the office. Finally, she shared in each organization’s vision and worked with integrity to achieve it.

Walyce Almeida was born and raised in Miami, Fl to Brazilian Immigrant parents. She currently lives in Queens, NY and consults on outreach strategies for the Public Insight Network.

To learn more about her, just follow the hyperlinked road:

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