I’m Walyce Almeida,
a Digital Product Manager

I deliver digital products and orchestrate programs that enable content creation, publishing, and distribution.

Let’s Work Together!

Build a Digital Product

From digital media campaigns to content management systems, let’s bring technical concepts to life via content strategy, product development, and program management.

Engage Audiences

Whether the focus is on me or another seasoned professional in digital media and technology, I can write, produce multimedia, and speak at live events.

Support Young Minds

From high school students to early-career professionals, I can mentor or develop programs to support immigrant, first-gen, low-income, and/or homeschooled youth interested in STEM. 

A Little About Me

I help organizations build and integrate products that enable storytelling, communications, and teamwork. I’m often at the center of cross-functional teams ensuring that engineers, designers, and stakeholders are on the same page. My superpowers include building a narrative from data, listening to users to identify their pain points, and engaging diverse communities. I can also see into the future. By keeping up with market trends and technological innovations, I anticipate ways to adapt products and business strategies to build continued success.

On a personal note… I was a journalist in a former life, but still love listening and telling stories. I am a first-generation American from Miami, Fl by way of Brazil. And I am passionate about mentoring youth, particularly girls who are curious about the STEM fields.

Break into Digital Project Management

I’ve launched a Digital Project Management Nanodegree program on the Udacity education platform. I prepare students on how to identify the right project management methodologies and tools to use to drive digital projects, develop project scopes and resource plans, and analyze project data in order to make informed decisions.

My Portfolio

Explore some of the digital products and technology-driven projects I developed in the digital media, higher education, and technology industries.

Speaking and Mentorship Engagements

Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum
Operation: Adulting
Amazon Future Engineer, ClassChats
Social Media Week, NYC
Hispanic Heritage Foundation, Latinos on Fast Track (LOFT)

Contact Me

Whether you need to build a digital product, engage an audience on the topics of product and program development,

Digital Product Development, Program Management

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