Columbia University Enterprise Calendar Platform


Develop enterprise application for publishing and promoting wide range of academic, cultural, and athletic events at Columbia University.


  • Customize open-source enterprise calendar system for maximum interoperability with other calendaring systems and web clients meeting the University’s diverse, multilayered needs.
  • Articulate editorial and content needs to cross-functional developer team.
  • Transitioning campus stakeholder away from current system into new application, and delivering training.

My Role

A Jira ticket for an agile project.
  • Delivered product requirements and user research to engineers and Project Manager.
  • Reviewed features and bugs within Jira; prioritize product backlog.
  • Conducted software functional testing.
  • Tracked user behavior and adjusted product’s structure and features to be more intuitive and user-friendly
  • Trained stakeholders on product use. Set and communicated appropriate expectations for product to increase chances of product adoption.
The screens view within InVision demonstrating the wireframes for a digital product.


  • New enterprise calendar application gained adoption across the University.
  • Analyzed user feedback, and recommended updates to optimize back-end for creating and submitting events. Once resources were available, I worked with a senior product manager to develop wireframes used for latest design iteration.