Business Objective

The Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum hosts an educational program designed to encourage high school students to pursue STEM careers. The program director asked me to team them about my work and how STEM intersects with it.


I decided to focus on web traffic data analytics because data drives my decision-making at work and it could potentially inspire the students to be curious about a related and overarching field – data science. So I created the following deck.

Key Results

After giving the students a sample report generated from Google Analytics, they were able to exercise their critical thinking skills and realized how their natural curiosity could lead to uncovering deeper insights. They also asked questions about the implications of being able to collect data on web users and debated ethics on data privacy – an unintended but wonderful result.

Additionally, one student messaged me on LinkedIn to say she wanted to further pursue data science and signed up for a summer coding camp. She is currently a freshman at Smith College currently working as a student researcher in biochemistry.